The 5 Hidden Costs of Temperature Compliance


Jan 23 2024


Central European Time Zone (CET)
15:30 - 16:30

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Temperature compliance is a complex and often disconnected field. As a result, getting a financial overview can be challenging, and hidden costs are frequent.

From compliance issues and inefficient procedures to unreliable storage conditions and oversights due to disconnected processes, there are many routes to fines, product waste, and other (unnecessary) financial losses.

Uncover the often-overlooked expenses of the temperature compliance world and discover practical strategies to optimize your temperature monitoring, mapping, and calibration processes, reducing costs without compromising quality and compliance.

In our webinar “The hidden costs of temperature compliance,” we will identify the hidden costs of temperature compliance and walk you through the practical steps to eliminating these unnecessary expenses.

Join us on  January 23rd, and learn more about ensuring compliance and protecting your business and customers.


  • Jakob Konradsen
    Jakob Konradsen
    Co-Founder & Chief Quality Officer at Eupry

    Jakob Konradsen has a background in electrical engineering and has worked with quality and validation for his entire work life. Jakob has broad experience within the thermal validation and calibration field, emphasizing temperature validation of everything from temperature-controlled units to large-scale warehouses and transport vehicles. Jakob is passionate about finding solutions that balance regulatory requirements with a cost-effective and pragmatic approach and a risk-based approach.

  • Aleš Ukmar
    Aleš Ukmar
    Senior Validation Consultant



Eupry provides a complete suite of solutions to monitor and perform validation of temperature, CO2, humidity, and differential pressure for regulated industries. Eupry runs an accredited ISO/IEC 17025 calibration laboratory. Their innovative and patented products are constantly pushing the industry's limits.

  • Who Should Attend:
    • Anyone who deals with system validation and qualification, such as ;
      Head of Quality, QualityAssurance Manager, Quality Control Manager, Lab Manager, Facility Manager (Validation Engineer)
  • Skill Level: Novice, Intermediate , Expert
  • Topics:
    1. How to get an overview of the resource distribution for your temperature compliance efforts
    2. Identifying hidden costs associated with regulatory requirements
    3. Strategies and preventive measures to ensure cost-effective compliance
    4. Understanding the financial impact of non-compliance
  • Special event information:
    • All participants will get a free certificate of attendance courtesy of our event's partner Eupry.

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