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How Quality Culture and a Mature QMS Are Linked

Learn everything you need to know about the link between quality culture and a mature QMS.


Kathy Walsh

Kathy helps companies, startups, and individuals in regulated industries design & implement quality compliance solutions that increase productivity and master the quality challenges in their marketplace. Kathy has over 20 years of experience working in the pharmaceutical, medical device, distribution & wholesaling, secondary packaging, compounding, biotech, Medtech, and R&D.

She specializes in helping clients achieve their compliance and accreditation to regulatory requirements, particularly: • Pharmaceuticals – Good Manufacturing Practices (GMPs) with various regulators.

Key Topics

In this webinar, you will Learn everything you need to know about the link between quality culture and a mature QMS.

Compliance vs. Culture

Is there a link between quality culture and a mature QMS?

Quality Management Maturity (QMM) Keys to shifting towards a more robust quality culture

Status reporting/rescheduling

Taking action – moving the dial!

Conclusions and Q&A.

What People Say About Our GMP Online Training

Where to Apply the Framework

Product Quality


Audit Findings

OOS and OOT Results

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