Modernizing Annual Product Quality Reviews: Transforming Challenges into Opportunities

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In today’s competitive market landscape, ensuring product quality and performance is paramount for sustaining business success and customer satisfaction. However, many organizations face challenges in modernizing their Annual Product Quality Reviews (PQR) to meet the industry’s and customers’ evolving needs. Are you struggling to keep pace with the advancements in data integration and quality analysis? Do you find it challenging to extract valuable insights from your data and identify areas for improvement? Are you looking for innovative ways to enhance product quality and exceed customer expectations? Join us for an insightful and informative webinar where we will address these challenges and showcase how the right Product Quality Review process can transform these challenges into opportunities. You will also gain a comprehensive overview of Honeywell’s cutting-edge PQR framework, which can take your quality activities to the next level.


  • Quality Managers
  • Heads of Quality
  • IT Directors
  • Head of Regulatory Affairs Heads
  • Digital Transformation (Heads or Managers)

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