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Supplier Qualification Audits: Proven Strategies for Effective Preparation

Enhance your supplier management practices by joining our webinar on “How to Effectively Prepare for a Supplier Qualification Audit.” Discover proven strategies to streamline the audit process and optimize supply chain efficiency. Register now to elevate your skills in supplier qualification audits and unlock the key to successful supplier relationships.

How to Effectively Audit Suppliers and Contractors for Initial Qualification

How to Effectively Audit Suppliers and Contractors for Initial Qualification

Learn the specific auditing requirements for the initial supplier/contractor qualification and the tools and knowledge you need to plan these audits. We will also cover what to look for throughout the process and when reviewing key documents and quality systems requirements such as SOPs, Validations, Change controls, and investigations.

Setting up a Risk-Based Audit Program

Setting up a Risk-Based Audit Program: What to Consider and Why?

Gain in-depth knowledge of what to consider when setting up an audit program within a GDP or GMP environment, specifically about factoring in risk analysis methodologies. In addition to understanding ‘what’ is important, participants will understand precisely ‘why’ this is important, why we must consider the wider risk element and why reducing its overall impact is critical to its success.

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