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Yan Kugel

Supplier Qualification Audits: Proven Strategies for Effective Preparation

Enhance your supplier management practices by joining our webinar on “How to Effectively Prepare for a Supplier Qualification Audit.” Discover proven strategies to streamline the audit process and optimize supply chain efficiency. Register now to elevate your skills in supplier qualification audits and unlock the key to successful supplier relationships.

Yan Kugel

Drug Substance Freezing Technologies: How to Improve Your Freeze/Thaw Process and ROI

Uncover the crucial role of freeze/thaw processes in pharmaceutical operations. Gain insights into industry challenges, explore innovative solutions, and revolutionize your approach to drug substance preservation for enhanced manufacturing success. Reserve your spot now to stay ahead in pharmaceutical advancements and drive efficiency in your operations!

Taking risks ICH Q9 (R1) quality risk management

Taking risks: ICH Q9 (R1) Quality Risk Management

Learn how to apply the key elements of pharmaceutical risk management, implement the ICH Q9 risk model in your business, and access tools for natural risk management integration. Join us to elevate your product lifecycle with effective risk assessment and control strategies.

Discover how Gedeon Richter transformed their Quality Management

Discover how Gedeon Richter transformed their Quality Management

Uncover the strategies behind Gedeon Richter’s success in implementing a digital quality management system. Join our webinar to learn from industry leaders and kickstart your own journey towards quality management excellence. Reserve your spot now!

EUDAMED 2024 and Beyond Preparing for the Future of Medical Device Oversight

EUDAMED 2024 and Beyond: Preparing for the Future of Medical Device Oversight

Join us to explore the new EUDAMED Regulations and understand why companies have been silent about their concerns. We will examine the key provisions, implications, and challenges faced by companies in complying with these regulations. Discover the potential barriers hindering their complaints and gain comprehensive insights into the impact on the medical device industry.

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