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EUDAMED 2024 and Beyond Preparing for the Future of Medical Device Oversight

EUDAMED 2024 and Beyond: Preparing for the Future of Medical Device OversightRecordingExpired

Join us to explore the new EUDAMED Regulations and understand why companies have been silent about their concerns. We will examine the key provisions, implications, and challenges faced by companies in complying with these regulations. Discover the potential barriers hindering their complaints and gain comprehensive insights into the impact on the medical device industry.
Feb 2024
Webinar Modernizing Annual Product Quality Reviews Transforming Challenges into Opportunities (1)

Modernizing Annual Product Quality Reviews: Transforming Challenges into OpportunitiesRecordingExpired

Join us for an insightful webinar to discover how a modern Product Quality Review (PQR) process can transform challenges into opportunities. Gain insights into data-driven decision-making, innovation, and customer-centricity, demonstrated by a panel of industry experts. Register now to enhance your product quality and exceed customer expectations.
Nov 2023
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