How to Be Constantly Audit-Ready


CET Berlin
16:00 - 17:30


Jun 07 2023

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Free Live Webinar


Audits are a quality professional’s worst nightmare: performance review, school exam, and vital professional milestone all in one.

The key to ditching the stress and securing success is preparation. Automatic, constant audit readiness squashes nerves and positions your company for long-term growth and competitive advantage.

Our latest webinar gives you everything you need to turn audits from last-minute scrambles to comfortable routines.

  • Who Should Attend:
    • Quality and regulatory professionals
    • Start-up and scale-up business leaders
  • Skill Level: Novice, Intermediate , Expert
  • Topics:
    • Learn how to infuse constant operational audit readiness into all layers of your business
    • Make audit readiness everyone’s responsibility - not just that of the quality team
    • Recalibrate your quality and regulatory strategy from reactive compliance to proactive, continuous improvement
    • Understand how to avoid common audit mistakes and ensure your auditor leaves happy and impressed
  • Special event information:
    • All participants will get a complimentary certificate of attendance courtesy of the webinar's sponsor - Qualio.


  • Kelly Stanton
    Kelly Stanton
    Director of Quality at Qualio

    Kelly brings over 20 years of experience in both the pharmaceutical and medical device industry to the world of small start-ups and scalable quality system implementations. Having been an implementer, administrator, and user of many different eQMS tools on the market, she has built several quality systems. Kelly is an advisor to over 20 Medical Device and Pharma companies. She is currently the Director of Quality at Qualio, helping customers and the company adheres to the evolving regulatory landscape. She leads a team of talented industry-experienced quality professionals who work daily with companies in regulated industries.




Founded in 2012, Qualio is the first cloud quality management software for all Life Sciences companies. Medical device and pharmaceutical companies need a secure and scalable quality management system with the flexibility to support their evolving needs. Qualio meets that challenge by cutting through the complexity to optimize and automate critical quality processes. The remote-first, Qualio team is distributed across North America and Europe.

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