Modernizing Annual Product Quality Reviews: Transforming Challenges into Opportunities


Nov 21 2023

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In today’s competitive market landscape, ensuring product quality and performance is paramount for sustaining business success and customer satisfaction. However, many organizations face challenges in modernizing their Annual Product Quality Reviews (PQR) to meet the industry’s and customers’ evolving needs.

Are you struggling to keep pace with the advancements in data integration and quality analysis?
Do you find it challenging to extract valuable insights from your data and identify areas for improvement?
Are you looking for innovative ways to enhance product quality and exceed customer expectations?

Join us for an insightful and informative webinar where we will address these challenges and showcase how the right Product Quality Review process can transform these challenges into opportunities. You will also gain a comprehensive overview of Honeywell’s cutting-edge PQR framework, which can take your quality activities to the next level.


  • Fabrizio Maniglio
    Fabrizio Maniglio
    Industry & Business Development Director at Honeywell

    Fabrizio Maniglio is an industry thought leader and Honeywell’s Director of Industry and Business Development. He leverages vast subject matter expertise to drive innovation for the industry and within Sparta Systems, where he continuously monitors the evolution of the everchanging healthcare and life-sciences sectors. He fosters contacts with other industry thought leaders and regulators to collaborate and influence the future of our industry.

    He contributed five years as an Expert Solutions Engineer with Sparta Systems, deepening his understanding of quality life cycle management and the life science industries. He was a key differentiator in helping customers achieve their quality management goals.

    Before Sparta Systems, he served nine years at a leading European-based Contract Manufacturing Organization (CMO) in the Pharma, Biotech, and Specialty ingredients industry. He served in numerous global quality-related roles, spanning Deviations Management, Head of Audit QA and Compliance, and most recently as QA Manager for Data Integrity and Computer Systems Validation in Switzerland, the UK, and China.

    As a result, Fabrizio provides a blend of deep industry, QMS, and cuttingedge technical knowledge and is uniquely placed to advise customers and the industry on the future of quality.

  • Abhishek Hiremath
    Abhishek Hiremath
    Product Manager at Honeywell

    Abhishek Hiremath is a tech-savvy professional with a strong educational background and diverse work experience. Originally from India, he moved to the United States five years ago to pursue his passion for technology.

    Abhishek holds a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Engineering, and he furthered his academic journey by earning a Master’s in Technology from New York University. Currently, Abhishek thrives in the role of Product Manager at Honeywell, where he has contributed his expertise for the past 1.5 years. Before this, he gained valuable experience in Investment Management, showcasing his adaptability and versatility in the professional arena. With a solid foundation in technology and a commitment to innovation, Abhishek continues to make significant strides in his career, driven by his passion for cutting-edge solutions and a global perspective.



Honeywell brings leading-edge quality management solutions to regulated industries. With TrackWise® and TrackWise Digital®, Honeywell provides enterprise and cloud-based QMS software solutions that help companies go to market faster and deliver the highest standards for product quality, compliance, and customer satisfaction. Honeywell is an innovator in its field, driving smart quality with first-of-its-kind AI-enabled quality solutions. By applying the latest digital technologies, our products simplify the process of quality management and guide customers toward proactive quality.      The combination of Sparta Systems and Honeywell brings together Sparta Systems’ quality management leadership with over 100 years of industrial and software expertise from Honeywell. Together, Sparta and Honeywell will shape the future of digital quality and operational excellence for the life sciences industry.

  • Who Should Attend:
    • Quality Managers
    • Heads of Quality
    • IT Directors
    • Head of Regulatory Affairs Heads
    • Digital Transformation (Heads or Managers)
  • Skill Level: Intermediate , Expert
  • Topics:
    • Uncover the power of data analytics in driving informed decisions and learn how Honeywell leverages advanced data analysis tools to extract valuable insights.
    • Delve into the iterative nature of Honeywell's PQR process, which enables them to adapt to evolving market dynamics and customer needs.
    • Understand how Honeywells' customer-centric approach revolves around customer feedback and plays a pivotal role in shaping our quality improvement initiatives.
    • Engage with Honeywell's experts in a dynamic Q&A session to gain deeper insights into their product quality philosophy.
  • Special event information:

    All participants will receive a certificate of attendance.

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