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Watch this webinar if you want to build good relationships and loyalty with your suppliers so that they’re easy to work with and help you produce a high-quality, compliant product.

This webinar will discuss the common challenges with suppliers and why we must overcome them to ensure we continue to meet our quality commitments.

These challenges include:

  • misunderstands and misinterpretations of instructions and agreements;
  • trouble getting information from them;
  • a lack of understanding of your quality obligations as it relates to them;
  • avoidance; lack of transparency.

You will learn why these challenges are so problematic for quality management, ultimately impacting the quality of our product, compliance, customer satisfaction, and business success.

Our speaker, Lesley Worthington, will give you some techniques and insights into approaching these relationships, what to think about, and even what to say to get these relationships working for you and not against you.

After this webinar, you will know how to communicate effectively with your suppliers, manage them well, stay compliant, produce a high-quality product, and ultimately give yourself a competitive advantage.

Communication Coach for Natural Science Professionals


Lesley has been a Regulatory Affairs and Quality Assurance Manager for over 20 years. Now, she is coaching professionals in the medical device, pharma, and biotech industries in business English communication skills.

Lesley Worthington

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The Qualifyze mission is to build the trust layer for global supply chains by creating a digitally connected ecosystem. They operate the first online platform for GxP audits that connects pharma companies, suppliers, and auditors.


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