Many perceive Quality as a necessary evil, a cost-heavy burden of doing business. It is a regulatory requirement, so obviously, it should be “top of mind” in the whole organization, but in fact, compliance, not quality, is mostly the focus.

Traditional quality management focuses on tracking failure incidents and preventing them in the future. But the continuous improvement goal is flawed because of the lack of a quality mindset that motivates the entire organization to perform quality actions on time.

Additionally, people seldom understand the WHY behind Quality. As a result, they perform actions only for compliance without striving for excellency. As a result, they fail at effective incident prevention.

The industry must view Quality differently.

  • Quality mostly works invisibly to customers until disaster strikes.
  • Quality Departments feel isolated, hustling to drive an enterprise-wide commitment to Quality. So, over the past two decades, the big picture has remained the same: overcomplicated requirements and reactive processes and systems that slow down the business and increase costs. Change is not just about learning and using technology but about motivating and inspiring people to adopt a new quality culture with a mindset transformation that strives for continuous improvement and value creation.
  • The real challenge is changing people’s mindsets, behaviors, capabilities, competencies, and some outdated ways of working.
  • Keep in mind that the expectation for the industry is very high: zero incidents, zero recalls, zero defects, and zero lives lost.
  • The solution is to turn Quality into a competitive advantage: Transform Quality from being an unavoidable cost of doing business into a catalyst of value creation.

You can achieve all this by turning your quality system into a Smart Quality one. Smart Quality empowers Life Sciences organizations to transcend the compliance-only mindset and reach peak performance.

The framework of “Smart Quality,” which you will learn in this webinar, not only embraces the convenient quality management tools but adds the following layers on top of it:

  1. Augmented Learning
    because continuous learning yields continuous improvement.
  2. Gamification
    based on behavioral science.
  3. Advanced Analytics
    to become truly data-driven.

By applying this methodology, you will:

  • Reduce up to 50% of the total cost of Quality
  • See an increase of up to 40% in quality management productivity
  • Obtain an increase of up to 30% in time-to-market


Angel Buendia

Quality Knowledge Manager

Quality Manager with over 20 years of experience in pharmaceutical (active pharmaceutical ingredients & finished dosage forms) and animal health industries managing Quality Control laboratories in international environments.

Filip Heitbrink

CEO at Scilife

Filip Heitbrink, co-founder and CEO at Scilife, the first Smart Quality Platform™ (for Life Sciences). Highly experienced in orchestrating state-of-the-art solutions for regulated industries, he is passionate about helping (thousands of) life science professionals worldwide make quality a smart culture, improve processes, and reach peak performance to drive value-creating outcomes. 

Filip Heitbrink

Webinar Partner

"Scilife: The Smart Quality Platform™ At Scilife, we help people and companies transform quality into a key catalyst for value creation, making quality a culture and infusing it throughout the entire organization. Our Scilife Platform fuses design-thinking, gamification, and augmented learning with dynamic quality management tools and insightful data. Gathering all the necessary elements to move from a compliance-only approach to a value-generating mind-shift. Hundreds of leading life sciences companies worldwide like Biocartis, Yusen Logistics, Polpharma, and Pendulum, just to name a few, trust Scilife to manage their quality processes, empower employees to take quality ownership, enhance efficiency and transparency, and reduce compliance risk. The impact? Improve patients’ lives. Because when we all embrace quality, brilliant things happen!"


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